All of our cakes, frostings and fillings are made with fresh, all natural ingredients.

Our round and square cakes are torted twice so that you have 3 layers of cake and two layers of filling in each cake or tier.

Your cake can be frosted and filled with one of our delicious buttercreams or you can add one of our gourmet fillings, to create your own special, couture cake.

Classic Cake Selections (serving sizes approximate)
8" round - $50 (15-24 servings)
10" round - $75 (20-38 servings)
12" round - $140 (34-56 servings)
8" square - $65 (18-32 servings)
10"square - $95 (30-50 servings)
12" square - $165 (43-72 servings)

Chocolate Butter – a full flavored butter-based choc cake
Gold Butter – a classic butter-based cake made w/ egg yolks
White Butter – a flavorful butter-based cake made w/ egg whites
Red Velvet – our version of the red classic cocoa powder infused cake
Spice - our classic gold butter cake with added cinnamon, ginger, clove and all-spice.

All buttercreams are made with eggs, sugar, butter and natural flavorings.
White Chocolate Cream Cheese is no longer available.

Peanut Butter
Cream Cheese (Cream cheese, cream and sugar)
Strawberry (made with strawberry preserves)

( +$12, +$15)

Lemon Mousse - freshly made lemon curd, folded into our vanilla buttercream
Chocolate Ganache - fresh butter and high quality dark chocolate melted together and whipped
Berries and Cream (seasonal) - your choice of fresh berries. Price may vary.
Cookies and Cream - sweet sandwich cookies and vanilla or chocolate buttercream
Lemon or Lime curd- a tart and creamy spread made with fresh fruit juice, egg yolks, butter and sugar.

Specialty Cake Selections

8"  round - $65
10" round - $90

Black and Tan -  We have paired our rich and tender Double Dark Chocolate cake (always made with free trade dark chocolate and organic cocoa), with genuine Irish Cream buttercream, topped with chocolate curls.

Lemon Coconut Brilliance - light and lovely white butter cake filled with a tart lemon curd, frosted with coconut Italian Meringue buttercream and enrobed with sweet coconut flakes. 

Triple Rosettes - three gourmet flavors in one!  Layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cake are enrobed with three layers of naturally flavored buttercream. Finished with a beautiful rose motif. (original design by

Strawberries and cream - yellow butter cake filled with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries. Frosted with more creamy buttercream and topped with halved, fresh strawberries. Available seasonally. Price may vary

Coconut Cream Dream - our tender white cake filled and frosted with coconut buttercream and enrobed with a combination of toasted and untoasted coconut.

Chocolate HoHo Cake - better than the original Hostess treat, this cake features our double dark chocolate cake, filled with vanilla buttercream, then enrobed in a layer of dark chocolate ganache.

Carrot Cake - our version of the classic: a spice cake with  coconut, dried raisins, cranberries and blueberries soaked in coconut rum, and carrots, of course! Frosted and filled with white chocolate, cream cheese buttercream.

Triple Chocolate Cake - double dark chocolate butter cake, whipped chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream, decorated with chocolate curls and leaves.

German Chocolate Cake - slightly different twist on the original, we've put together a cocoa cake with caramel-pecan butterceam that is completely covered with toasted coconut.