Mmmmmm Mini Cupcakes!

They say that everything small is big again, so why not the cupcake? Some people consider this two-bite treat to be the perfect balance of cake and buttercream.

But what are mini cupcakes really good for?

I've compiled a helpful list for you:

Low guilt diet splurge?
Toll-booth operator treat?
Summer reading list motivation (10 pages per cupcake, please).
Mid-day coffee klatch!
Date night dessert (look honey, no hands)!
Movie night sneak in (of course they fit in your purse)!
One serving of fruit (with fruit topper)!
Making friends at the playground!
"America's Got Talent" viewing party.
Shower desserts for all the people who don't eat sweets (be sure to get extra!)
A great way to say, "thanks" to someone who has done something special for you. Why not start a mini cupcake treat tree? No reason you can't celebrate your friends all year long!

Mini cupcakes are available for $15/$18 a dozen in orders of 2-dozen. One flavor per order please.