Treat Your Mother Right, With Treats!

Mother. It's an evocative word, right?  She's been a part of your life, well, for your entire life. Chances are, you'll want to celebrate her in some way this Mother's Day, Can I suggest an all natural, sweet?

Our cupcake sampler will soothe and inspire. Taste the pure chocolate and rich cream and let them work their magic on your mind, body and spirit. Too much to expect from a cupcake? I don't think so!

This month's cupcake sampler is specially designed to please. We are offering our very special Truffle selection. 12 double, dark chocolate cupcakes filled with 3 flavors of sweet ganache, topped with our decadent Italian butter cream and even more chocolate ganache. As always, our ingredients are of the highest quality, organic and free trade, where possible, and all natural. 

Three flavors, 12 to share or keep all to yourself!

Chocolate Chocolate Truffle: our double dark chocolate cake filled with a rich dark chocolate. topped with vanilla butter cream and more chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: our double dark chocolate cake, filled with Chambord-raspberry ganache. Sweet and tart, it's topped with vanilla buttercream and more ganache! yay!

White Chocolate Trufle: our double dark chocolate cake, filled with genuine white chocolate ganache. You won't find "white chips" here, only all natural white chocolate with real cocoa butter to melt in your mouth. 

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