I had a surprise afternoon off this week and I was able to hit the store for my Easter basket supplies. As I walked the aisles I was a little melancholy, thinking of past holidays with my child. At 16, he's still a great kid, but not too interested in egg hunts and the Easter bunny. I love this stage of his life, but I have to admit I miss the sweet things you do with young children.

He loved to color Easter eggs, and he has a bit of an artist in him, so we never did it half way. The table would be covered with dye cups, both store bought and home made, and anything we could think of to use for decorating. Once everything was set, the kid would stand up on a chair and begin dropping eggs into the dye. His signature technique was to over dye each egg with multiple colors. Over and over he moved the eggs around until each was the color of my morning coffee, with cream. i should mention that his favorite tool was his little hand, and it too, would be dyed brown before the night was over. 

Some people like to have pastel perfection on Easter morning, but for me, those brown beauties
were their own kind of perfect, I will always remember them with affection. 

However you will be spending this weekend, I wish you peace and happiness, and a little whimsy, just for fun.


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