The Ides of March Are Upon Us

For most of us it's hard to believe that March is almost here. I know that's the case at The Clever Cake, where we are still recovering from our busy holiday season! Seriously, it's true. We like to spread the recovery out so that we can still enjoy ourselves, and to be fair, it would be hard to impose austerity measures on people who like buttercream so much. But don't feel badly for us! The imposition to our waistlines is all to the benefit of our customers! We have invented a cake, so lovely, so delicious and so perfectly matched to the vagaries of the March weather, you will just have to have it for yourself.

Introducing our exclusive Black and Tan cake!   We have paired our rich and tender Double Dark Chocolate cake (always made with free trade dark chocolate and organic cocoa), with authentic Irish Cream buttercream! One bite and you'll swear you've been transported to an old-fashioned pub for a pint with the boyos. The best part? It's adults only! So you can feel just fine looking your kids in the eye and saying, "Hands off my cake!"

Saint Patrick's Day Bunco anyone?