Holiday Macarons!

Is there anything prettier than a sweet little box of French macarons? It's not too late to order yours for your holiday party or as a special gift.

The Clever Cake is offering an assorted box of 12 macarons, in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry for $24. Best of all, they can be shipped. Order as soon as possible, as supplies are limited!

You can reach us by phone at 949-500-9633 or by email,

Halloween Treats! Always Treats!!

If you're like me, the worst thing about Halloween is also the best thing! Halloween candy is everywhere this time of year and it is so hard to resist! For me, Halloween candy is never as satisfying as I want it to be, which leads me to over indulge and leaves me feeling lousy, in the end!

Some of my personal tips to help avoid Halloween candy overload:

1. Don't buy candy before you need it. I know that it seems like some stores run out of candy before Halloween, but I can guarantee that the candy you picked up the first week in October will never make it to the front door! Wait until the weekend before.

2. Buy the good stuff! If you're going to eat it, make it worth your while. Halloween goblins might not appreciate a piece of fine, dark, Columbian chocolate, but you will! So save the Sweet Tarts for the kids and go for something palate and soul satisfying!

3. Only buy what you need. Ah those giant bags of Tootsie Rolls are such a good deal, right? WRONG. If you're a carb-monster like me, you will eat that chewy taffy on a late night binge, and if you're like my sister, you just might lose a filling while you're doing it. There are costs and there are costs, right? Don't overspend on calories just to save a few dollars. If you only have a few Halloween spooks coming to your door, buy the small bag.

4. Give away or freeze the leftovers. I always had a policy of allowing my son to eat as much Halloween candy as he wanted on the first night. I found that if he got his fill, he wasn't interested in eating much after that. We always had a lot of candy leftover. If you're a crafter, those candies are terrific for decorating a gingerbread house, but what keeps you from eating them in the meantime? Pick the ones you want to save and toss them in the freezer. It's hard to indulge a spur-of-the-moment eating binge if the sweets are rock solid! So put them in farthest, darkest part of the freezer and forget about them until Thanksgiving.

5. Order your high-quality, all natural and delicious Halloween desserts from The Clever Cake! As far as my sweet tooth goes, there is really nothing better than organic and responsibly sourced dark chocolate, fresh, sweet butter and all natural sugar to get my mouth watering. So choose quality over quantity and order some adorable Halloween cupcakes, a custom-made cake or our hand-made artisanal chocolate chip cookies!

mmmmmmmmmm Blueberries!

Blueberry season is in full swing and we can't think of anything better than vanilla cake with blueberries inside!

This month we are offering blueberry buttercream, blueberry cake and these adorable blueberry mini cakes.

Click on our cupcake sample page to order now!

Be Independent!

This has been a great year for me and The Clever Cake, and this Independence Day is going to mean so much more now that I am baking for so many new customers, who are eager to spread the word about my terrific baked goods!

I want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me this year, so on the occasion of my favorite holiday, I'm offering a special cupcake for my clients, at a special price! 

A dozen tender vanilla cupcakes iced with pure vanilla bean mousseline buttercream and topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries! Can you say, "red, white and blue?" Best of all these cupcakes are available for the special price of $20/dozen to everyone who "Likes" 

The Clever Cake" Facebook page! 

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because we plan to have fresh cupcakes and cakes available, on demand, in the next few months. But you can only find out from one of our blasts!

Spread the word, and order by July 2!

Thank you for all the wonderful love and support!


Don't forget Dad

Right on the heels of Mother's Day, the last day of school and the start of your Summer, Father's Day is almost here! Don't panic if you're not ready, The Clever Cake is ready to help you out. Give us a call and order our exclusive gourmet cupcake sampler. Not only will Dad appreciate the gift, everyone will enjoy the treat!

Check out our sampler here 

Happy Father's Day!


Treat Your Mother Right, With Treats!

Mother. It's an evocative word, right?  She's been a part of your life, well, for your entire life. Chances are, you'll want to celebrate her in some way this Mother's Day, Can I suggest an all natural, sweet?

Our cupcake sampler will soothe and inspire. Taste the pure chocolate and rich cream and let them work their magic on your mind, body and spirit. Too much to expect from a cupcake? I don't think so!

This month's cupcake sampler is specially designed to please. We are offering our very special Truffle selection. 12 double, dark chocolate cupcakes filled with 3 flavors of sweet ganache, topped with our decadent Italian butter cream and even more chocolate ganache. As always, our ingredients are of the highest quality, organic and free trade, where possible, and all natural. 

Three flavors, 12 to share or keep all to yourself!

Chocolate Chocolate Truffle: our double dark chocolate cake filled with a rich dark chocolate. topped with vanilla butter cream and more chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: our double dark chocolate cake, filled with Chambord-raspberry ganache. Sweet and tart, it's topped with vanilla buttercream and more ganache! yay!

White Chocolate Trufle: our double dark chocolate cake, filled with genuine white chocolate ganache. You won't find "white chips" here, only all natural white chocolate with real cocoa butter to melt in your mouth. 


I had a surprise afternoon off this week and I was able to hit the store for my Easter basket supplies. As I walked the aisles I was a little melancholy, thinking of past holidays with my child. At 16, he's still a great kid, but not too interested in egg hunts and the Easter bunny. I love this stage of his life, but I have to admit I miss the sweet things you do with young children.

He loved to color Easter eggs, and he has a bit of an artist in him, so we never did it half way. The table would be covered with dye cups, both store bought and home made, and anything we could think of to use for decorating. Once everything was set, the kid would stand up on a chair and begin dropping eggs into the dye. His signature technique was to over dye each egg with multiple colors. Over and over he moved the eggs around until each was the color of my morning coffee, with cream. i should mention that his favorite tool was his little hand, and it too, would be dyed brown before the night was over. 

Some people like to have pastel perfection on Easter morning, but for me, those brown beauties
were their own kind of perfect, I will always remember them with affection. 

However you will be spending this weekend, I wish you peace and happiness, and a little whimsy, just for fun.